Child and Adolescent Therapy

Our therapists use effective and documented treatment approaches to help our clients. Family involvement in the treatment of our child and adolescent clients is a critical piece to ensure success of children with academic, emotional, and behavioral difficulties.

Social Skills Groups

Social Skills are the foundation for getting along with others and having a well-rounded successful child. Children with good social skills are more likable and have a better self-concept. However, a lack of social skills can lead to peer rejection, feelings of isolation, and emotional difficulties.

ABA Therapy Services

Our practice uses ABA as the treatment methodology to help our clients reach their maximum level of independence and ability. ABA is performed in an intensive one on one setting in the home, school, or community environment. Specific targets are chosen based on the child’s current level of functioning and are re-evaluated as the child achieves these goals.

Why Choose First Step Kidz Therapy

Our team consists of Licensed Clinical Psychologists, Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), Registered Behavior Technicians (RBT), and behavior analysts who work diligently to provide high quality services to our clients. We all share a passion and dedication for the families we serve. Our focus is to develop a partnership between our therapists and parents.

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